This comprehensive four-week programme helps you to really understand the nutritional breakdown of your current diet. You will spend time cooking healthy meals and snacks in order to develop the practical skills to start changing your and your family's eating habits for life.

The weekly cost is £100, which includes personalised nutritional advice, personalised menu selection, cooking instruction, all your ingredients and access to plenty of new and inspiring recipes. Courses are all individually tailored and can be changed to suit dietary requirements. Each meeting takes approximately 2 hours.

Week 1  

Initial consultation

Medical and Lifestyle questionnaire

Reviewing activity levels - talk about HIIT

Reviewing existing eating habits and 24 -hour recall

The psychology of making change and mindful eating

Planning and preparation

Example Cookery 1 – Breakfasts

  1. Oat & quinoa waffles with chocolate sauce

  2. Nutty granola

  3. Coconut and vanilla bircher with raspberries


Week 2

Carbs, fats, protein and fibre facts

The truth about sugar and finding alternatives

Example Cookery 2 – Snacks and treats

  1. Chocolate & cashew nut slices

  2. Light lemon cakes with sugar free jam

  3. Protein boosted energy balls – Chocolate, gingerbread or apricot & lemon


Week 3

Water, Salt, Alcohol facts

Vitamins and Minerals facts

Food choices – what to buy?

Example Cookery 3 –Lunches and packed lunches

  1. Simple salads – talk through how to create and what protein sources to add

  2. The life changing loaf

  3. No bake chocolate granola bars


Week 4

Food labelling and the big food business

Coping mechanisms for life and achieving long term goals

Example Cookery 4 – Family meals, adult meals and kids meals

  1. Sweet potato and turmeric dahl

  2. Quinoa chilli

  3. Chilli, lime and coriander chicken skewers with guacamole 

“ Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for a absolutely brilliant 4 weeks. You are such a talent! You have made such a difference to how I see food."

Jill, Wargrave