In a world where we are overfed and undernourished, most of us aspire to eat more healthily but being able to cook nutritious food that is both delicious and satisfying can be a challenge.

My classes will demystify some of today’s health food ingredients. I do not use ingredients that have been heavily processed, such as sugar and white flour. I use wholefoods that have not been stripped of nutrients and are free from additives and artificial substances.

My classes are two or three hours long and include nutritional advice and cooking instructions. Recipe cards and food fact sheets are provided for you to take home along with the dishes that you have created.

Any of my classes can be tailored to meet your specific (or group) needs. I am always delighted to cater for gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

“I attended a workshop (can cook but was seeking inspiring, easy and quick to make recipes) and was impressed with how knowledgable Emma is about nutrition.Workshop was educational and great fun and left with a foodie goodie bag...nom nom...Would definitely recommend this workshop. I understand Emma also runs weight loss workshops too...”

Kathleen Dymond, Henley




  • Chocolate fruit and nut clusters

  • Oat and raisin cookies

  • Sugar free jam

  • *Banana muffins

  • *Fruit cake




  • Oaty waffles

  • Harissa bulgur wheat and tzatziki

  • Praline slices

  • *Kale pesto or homous

  • *The life changing loaf




  • Granola

  • Oaty waffles

  • Apple and cinnamon bircher

  • *Sugar free jam

  • *Fruity porridge squares

My *denotes dishes that are not included in 2 hour classes.

3 hour classes: for 1 £100 per person, for 2 £90 per person, for 3 £80 per person

2 hour classes: for 1 £80 per person, for 2 £75 per person, for 3 £70 per person, for 4 £65 per person.

“Many thanks for our cookery / nutrition and menu-planning session today. It was very enjoyable, hugely helpful and everything that we've tried so far from what I brought home with me has been delicious and a big hit with my husband and kids”

Jessica, Kingwood